Compassionate Investigations and Respectful Mediation 

Liberati & Associates is a highly experienced, proficient, and fully licensed private investigation firm committed to providing effective and efficient quality of service to school districts statewide. We conduct investigations and offer mediation related to discrimination, employee and manager misconduct, harassment, sexual harassment, retaliation, and cheating. We have skillfully represented dozens of school districts, administrators, and teachers throughout California.

Liberati & Associates strives to assess and resolve conflicts quickly and competently. With the support of mediation, many problems can be resolved at the lowest levels before they become litigious. In addition to our investigative and mediation services, we offer assistance in public relations, professional development, coaching and support for administrators and teachers.

Our clients can rest assured that their matters are handled with the utmost commitment, respect, and unparalleled approach of our compassionate services. Liberati & Associates is devoted to providing extraordinary investigative and client services. 



Susan Liberati

Susan Liberati, Ed.D., is a licensed private investigator who worked as an Instructional Assistant, Teacher, Assistant Principal, Director of Curriculum and Assistant Superintendent for 26 years in a variety of school districts. She has extensive experience in school leadership, instructional coaching, professional development, and successfully investigating and resolving complaints in schools and colleges. She builds rapport with students, parents and staff members by the effective use of compassionate communication and respectful mediation.